Phone: 720-840-6383

Greenwood Village, Colorado


Arina Habich has been a photographer for 8 years. Specializing in food photography, she believes in photographing food in it’s most natural state. Freshly cooked, put together, or out of the oven, Arina prefers her food this way to capture it’s real properties as the human can perceive food, as not just seeing it, but also capturing it’s tastes and scents in imagery. She cooks and prepares her food in her studio before capturing it, and if not in the studio, she is working with local restaurants, bars, and businesses in Denver, Colorado. Her images can be seen everywhere- from national magazines and video clips on national television to posters in local grocery stores. She doesn’t just photograph food, however, she also specializes in aerial photography. She believes aerial photography is the latest and most important frontier, and has been using drones to capture incredible shots of the rocky mountains, local suburbs, and the skyline of Denver.

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